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The HR Experts International are Australia’s leading HR Advisory Service, HR Consulting, Coaching & Training Service Provider specialising in Small to Medium Businesses and Funded Start-Ups. We help Leaders and Business owners across Australia, New Zealand and globally.

If you are looking to create an amazing culture, to attract top talent, to build foundations to grow, scale or transform your business or to develop awesome leaders, our expert HR Consultants and Coaches can help.  You’ll get the kind of HR skill set and experience normally only available to large corporates, at affordable SME pricing.  

We have worked with a range of businesses, industries and leaders to deliver high performance, people and business outcomes. We help you strengthen your business from the core, whilst expanding the skill set of your employees and leaders. 

With our full spectrum of Coaching, Training and HR Advisory Services, we have provided businesses and leaders with the fundamental skills, strategies and tools they need to help them expand and reach new heights. We believe in growing businesses by growing people and creating amazing workplaces and Leaders.

We specialise in delivering leading edge, cost effective and pragmatic Human Resource (HR), Coaching and Training solutions. We ensure our clients gain clarity and insight into their problems, get pragmatic, effective solutions and achieve real results.

Our Services

We have a range of services regardless of how small or large you are, we have a service  that is tailored to your particular needs. Our team of highly experienced experts will work in collaboration with you to develop a deep understanding of your needs and we won’t charge you expensive big consulting firm prices! 

We help you achieve your objectives, with customer, person-centric, cutting edge, commercially focused solutions, that are pragmatic and achieve proven results. Through our HR advisory services, HR Consulting, Coaching and Training programs, we help Business Owners and Leaders develop the skill, competence and capabilities they need to create the competitive advantage for their business.

Through these comprehensive and pragmatic services, we enable you to achieve the right approach to HR and people management that you require for your business to thrive, transform and grow.  We strive to provide a strong base that will promote employee engagement, great culture, stability, sustainability, reliability, trust, and team-work amongst employees and management.

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If you are looking to grow or develop your business or develop skill sets of your leaders and employees, start a conversation with a leading HR and Management consulting firm in Sydney.  We also provide services across Australia and globally to our clients.

We provide a free, no obligation initial discovery call so that you can gain an idea of how we can help you set up for growth, or change, your company.

Our team are more than happy to discuss your company’s needs and develop a consulting, coaching, change or training program or proposal based on business values and objectives. You can get in touch by calling us on 1300 795 106 or book a session that suits you or by emailing enquiries through to us on [email protected]

Benefits of working with us
Our consultants

Above all, our HR Consultants and Specialists are no-nonsense, straight-talking, commercially focused, pragmatic business people, with at least 10 years commercial HR experience across a variety of industries, most with start-up and SME experience.

We have worked with organisations of all sizes, including hundreds of start-ups, small to medium-size businesses, and corporations with up to 1,000 employees.  We also work with a range of businesses, industries and leaders to deliver high performance, people and business outcomes. We help you strengthen your business from the core whilst expanding the skill set of your employees and leaders. 

We take an honest, open and objective view of the business and facilitate the courageous conversations that need to happen to build awareness and move the business forward.   Above all, we are no fluff, direct, straight-talking, empathetic and compassionate. 

Our Clients