agile performance management playbook

Agile Performance Management (APM) is a new approach to the 1950s outdated performance systems.  APM seeks to increase motivation, engagement, empowerment, productivity, innovation, creativity and of course performance.

At the HR Experts International, we have extensive experience in designer performance management strategies for business of all sizes.  We are thought leaders and cutting-edge specialist when it comes to implementing agile performance management strategies.

In this playbook, we provide you with an overview of APM and how to implement it.

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Given that performance management is one of the key drivers of overall business performance, take the steps you need to take to be drive productivity & innovation today!  We’ve developed a wealth of knowledge & success in developing powerful Performance Management Strategies for businesses of all sizes and industries, globally.

We focus on the 9 proven elements (out of 110 elements) to significantly impact performance. We also have developed our own Agile Performance Management Strategy for business who want to disrupt, take on disruptors, be more adaptive in a VUCA environment or be more innovative.

 We work with you to tailor a systematic and integrative approach to increase your overall organisational performance that includes developing performance outcomes (the what) and competence (the how) of your individuals and teams.

We have proven success in developing a high performance culture and strong levels of performance at all levels of the business. We have proven that performance management strategies are most effective when there is a systematic and integrative approach to developing performance outcomes (the what) and competence (the how) of individuals and teams, to increase overall organisational performance.

Our Performance Management strategies & approach encompasses the whole of organisation.  Our approach takes a holistic (balanced scorecard approach), is fully integrated with your people management strategy, vision, business strategy and goals, and values. We will share the secrets of effective performance management with you as well as establish a proven, pragmatic and effective approach for your business to achieve superior performance.  We support our strategy with highly effective management training and a comprehensive communication plan.