Making 2020 an AWESOME year! Transform your life and your business!

The future is here!  Make 2020 the year you scale and transform your life and business!

In this blog, I outline a couple of tips on how to motivate yourself to develop and actually achieve your dreams this year.  No matter where you are starting from, everyone with the right vision, purpose, clear goals, strong motivation and strong self-belief and confidence can achieve their dreams.  

Why Goals instead of New Year Resolutions?

We all know the feeling…. time is rushing ahead and at the end of the year we wondered where the year went!

The thing is, we are all here for a short time and we all are here to thrive, not just get by or survive.  The way we thrive best is when we have a compelling vision for our future and we are super clear on our purpose for this life.   For me, my life’s purpose has always been to help people and businesses thrive.  It is what drives everything I d.  I have a vision to create 10,000 amazing leaders.  I’m about 15% of the way towards my goal and BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) for 2020 is to help 2500 inspiring leaders or current leaders to become AMAZING LEADERS!

Having clear and measurable goals along with laser focus and powerful motivation (backed by purpose) helps us to focus our energies on activities that are important.  It’s all too easy to get into the procrastination game!  If you do the exercise at the end of this blog post, I’ll bet money on the fact that you’d be surprised about what you are spending your time on.  Much of it is waste (i.e. not contributing to your one or two key goals).  Doing this exercise regularly helps you focus and commit to working smartly and efficiently.

So here’s a few tips over to set effective and powerful goals as well as actually achieve those goals, whether personal or business.  Stay tuned for more blogs and vlogs about this super important skill, that most people have just unfortunately not learnt.

Let's start with basic motivation

As a Master Behavioural & Leadership coach of 25 years the very first thing I identify with a new client is their motivation.

What does motivation matter for goal development and achievement?

On a basic level,as humans we are motivated by “AWAY FROM” or “TOWARDS” motivation. Subconsciously, away from or toward motivation is a very powerful distinction.

Our basic survival system (which keeps us alive and evolving) motivates us to avoid pain (move away from) and achieve pleasure (move towards).  There are a whole lot of complex beliefs, programs and chemicals produced by your brain and mind that reinforces this behaviour.

In simple terms, if the reward or potential pleasure is big enough we’ll move towards that particular thing.  If the consequences or potential pain are bad enough we will try to avoid pain by moving away from pain.  

Away From motivation is less potent than Toward motivation.  

A great example of this is ‘New Year’s Resolutions. These are generally very strongly AWAY FROM motivation which is why they are generally short lived!  When we use AWAY FROM motivation, we are motivated in so far as we move enough away from the painful consequence that we feel better and forget what how we previously felt.  After your Away From motivation wears off you have to rely on pure will power and this is often where people lose energy and give up! 

Gym’s and Weight Loss companies know this ALL too well.  Ever noticed that mid December and all of January most ads are related to one of the things – get fit, lose weight.  Gym’s know you are coming in January to donate your cash to the.  So they try to sign you up for 12 month contracts.  This is an absolute key Cash Cow for gyms.   Side Tip: NEVER sign a 12 month Gym contract in January!  If you rely on away from motivation or the ‘stick’ type motivation it is unlikely to last the 12 months.!  You will have 4-12 good weeks, but sooner or later, the barbeques, parties or binge watching your latest season favourite will be way more interesting!  

So TRUE & sustained success comes from reshaping your perception and motivation to a TOWARDS motivation frame. However, this is not as easy as it seems!  You really need to gear your mind to moving your motivation towards a pleasurable outcome and define your goal as such. Be wary of pretending to do this!  A Great coach will make sure you develop real TOWARD motivation.

Here’s an example from my own experience a few years ago.

I had an injury and among other things developed patellaforma in both my knees (where my knee caps were rolling the wrong way over my knee.   This required 6 months of physio and I wasn’t able to do my normal exercise.  In the time period I went from super fit to super unfit and put on 13 kgs. I kept trying to motivate myself to get fit again. But whilst I convinced myself it was a toward motivation, I found I still had to rely on a lot of will power and I kept trying to get to the gym, but there were always a load of excuses.  Besides, hanging out with mates, chocolate and wine was so much more enjoyable than an hour hard work out at the gym.

So after 12 weeks of fits and starts I realised I was deluding myself – I was relying on AWAY FROM motivation – “I don’t want to have all this extra weight, don’t want to be unfit”.  So even coaches can delude themselves!

Whilst I didn’t want those things, there was not enough pain to warrant bothering hitting the gym every day and doing all my physio exercises. So how did I resolve the problem?  I sat down and meditated on what I used to really love doing when I was super fit, what I am missing and where my Joy would be.

I used my coaching skills and transformed my motivation for it at a conscious, subconscious, cellular/somatic reprogramming level (body) and spirit!

I found that I really loved hiking and could spend all day hiking without ever perceiving it as exercise.  So I reset my goal and mindset.  I set a goal to complete a trek in Nepal (about 14 months away at that time).  To achieve this, I needed to get super fit.  As I got out and started hiking I started looking at Nepalese treks.  I then decided I was going for the big Kahuna –   trekking Everest & Tibet goal for 8 weeks.  I achieved that goal, despite almost dying of altitude sickness, having a broken rib and a 6mm hole in the plantar fascia on my right foot!  That is what powerful goals and motivation create (not that I recommend going that far!).

Stay tuned for more on Vision, Purpose, Values, Motivation and Focus.