melbourne cup

Enjoying Melbourne Cup

Find out how to ensure your team have fantastic fun on Melbourne Cup and avoid the legal risks inherent in Workplace events. We share our key tips…


Make 2019 the year you achieve your goals and dreams

Rock 2019 We all know the feeling…. time is rushing ahead and at the end of the year we wondered where the year went! Having goals helps us to focus our energies on activities that are important to us.  It’s all too easy to get into the procrastination game! So we’re going to give a few tips over the next month about setting and achieving your goals, whether personal or business. As a coach the first thing I cover off with coachees is whether their movitvation for achieving goals is “AWAY FROM” or “TOWARDS”.  Subconsciously, this is a very powerful distinction. […]


NES – The National Employment Standards Overview

What are the National Employment Standards? There are 10 minimum requirements under the NES.  The NES applies to all incorporated business (Pty Ltd) employing people in Australia.  This covers full-time and part-time employee. The NES includes: Maximum 38 hours work per week, plus reasonable additional hours; Employees may request flexible working arrangements (in can be made in certain circumstances 12 months unpaid Parental leave (including adoption leave) and an additional right to ask for an extra 12 months; Annual leave – four weeks paid leave per year, plus an extra week for some shift workers. 10 days of paid Personal leave (including sick […]


Casual deemed permanent employee

Federal  Court converts casual to Permanent status! Late last week Federal Court of Australia bought down a judgment that could see many Australian casual workers converted into permanent employees. This possibility has been around for some time.  Many employers do not understand the concept of casual employment and often misuse the term unknowingly. However, ignorance is not a defence. It is now critical for all employers, no matter their size understand the implications of this case and what costs they will incur. Employers in retail, construction, hospitality and other high casual usage workers need to reassess the operation of the […]

Christmas party

Avoiding Christmas party & silly season nightmares!

T’was the season to be silly….falalalalalala The silly season is upon us and Christmas Parties and events are commencing. Did you know that litigation increases in the December to January period? In particular, sexual and racial harassment claims skyrocket. I’ve personally been involved in well over 300 conduct dismissals.  I estimate approximately 15-20% have been associated with client or workplace Christmas parties misconduct. Christmas parties/lunches are seen as an extension of the workplace and falls within the boundaries of in the ‘course of employment’. That means health and safety, bullying and discrimination laws are enforceable. The law hold employees accountable […]

recruitment process

Creating a robust recruitment process to attract great talent

Creating a robust recruitment process Attracting Great Talent As a Business owner, CEO or Manager, one of the most important assets to your business are your employees.  Recruiting great employees ensures your business will have strong profitability, productivity, efficiency and great customer service.  Getting your recruitment process right is absolutely critical to your success from the beginning. Remember, ALL Performance Management starts at recruitment.  Get it wrong here and you may suffer significant consequences. Here are our top 7 tips to ensure you recruit great talent for your business: 1. Ensure the right fit! All good recruitment starts with outlining […]


Is your business growing?

  How does your business measure up for growth? Are you an employer of more than 5 staff seeking business growth? Have you wondered how your business measures up? Larger businesses have the advantage of employing HR and Organisational Development (OD) experts to enable high growth, help them become talent magnets that are engaged and great performers, as well as great brand ambassadors. As HR/OD consultants working with businesses of all levels, we are often engaged to help businesses grow, scale or change. The first thing we do when we are engaged is assess the quality and impact of the […]

vulnerable workers

News Flash: New law passed – Vulnerable Workers Protection Bill

  NEW LAW PASSED SENATE Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017 Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017 passed The Turnbull Government’s legislation protecting vulnerable workers amendment bill has now passed the Senate.  It will now head for Royal Assent (approximately two weeks) and become effective immediately.  Although some clauses give a six week implementation period. This legislation targets the Franchise industry in particular where there have been quite a number of Fair Work Cases where employers have been acting unscrupulously. The Minister for Employment, Michaelia Cash said “the strengthened penalties contained in this Bill will act as a […]

unfair dismissal

When dismissal goes wrong – sacked over the phone

When dismissal goes wrong Many businesses fall foul of Australia’s Unfair Dismissal Laws.  More small-medium enterprise businesses than larger.  It is critical for business to engage a HR expert early in the process and follow the guidance of HR to ensure this type of situation does not occur.  Some simple steps here, would have avoided this whole mess. In a recent case, a cleaning contractor Joss Facility Management was found to have unfairly dismissed Veronica Bennett, a 56-year-old female employee. In August 2016, Veronica commenced unpaid sick leave for an operation. During her recovery period she provided ongoing medical certificates […]