You could already be feeling that you or your business is under-performing or performing well, but just want to reach your potential and need a professional to guide you, act as an independent sounding board and help you dispel your limiting beliefs and habits. And we’re talking at work, professionally or in your private life.

Business Coaching is a professional relationship between two people (coach and client) working towards a specific goal. It could be a managerial/executive goal, a career goal, or even something around people management, business management, business development, finances, health, business, relationships or family.

Business Coaching is actively collaborative, solution-focused, results-orientated and systematic. The coach plays the role of facilitator of change and supports and empowers the client to enact change.

Although it often involves direct, personal and challenging or provocative conversations, coaching is not therapy and does not aim to treat psychological problems. It doesn’t focus on the past but rather on current reality and moving forward to create a desired future.

If you are feeling –


Our vision is to add real value by partnering with you to:

We use a range of tried and tested, cutting edge coaching models to accelerate success. We match whatever model best suits your situation.

We believe in creating relationships of mutual openness, integrity, trust and respect, and aim to transcend self-awareness into true insight which will play a critical role in accelerating your growth and development.

Every client is different with different circumstances. That’s why we use a Client-Centred design for our Career Coaching Programs.  We do not believe in out of the box service.

Our Programs are designed with your specific needs and goals in mind.  Each program outlined in this brochure is targeted at different career levels. We have a range of options to suit you.  Typically, the best level of program is 6 session program which encompasses 2 to 3 elements.  We recommend to most clients that they start with this.  Some clients have involved needs or just want a regular sounding board and in those cases 12 sessions are more suitable.


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