How does your business measure up for growth?

Are you an employer of more than 5 staff seeking business growth?

Have you wondered how your business measures up?

Larger businesses have the advantage of employing HR and Organisational Development (OD) experts to enable high growth, help them become talent magnets that are engaged and great performers, as well as great brand ambassadors.

As HR/OD consultants working with businesses of all levels, we are often engaged to help businesses grow, scale or change.

The first thing we do when we are engaged is assess the quality and impact of the HR strategy, culture, organisational design, policies and processes.   

We then work with the Owner and/or Executive team to deeply understand the business strategy. From there, we develop strong outcome focused HR strategies and initiatives that drive the business outcomes required.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve noticed that SME’s business growth strategies are struggling.  Their growth strategies are ad-hoc at best.  This means that their business growth is not aligned to  creating a culture that is right for the business strategy.

If you read any management book, you will know that organisational culture is king. However, developing and maintaining a great culture through significant business growth or change is challenging even for us seasoned HR experts!  So is it any wonder SME’s struggle?

That’s why we’ve adapted our exclusive HR AUDIT TOOL to make it available to start-ups and SME’s to enable them to self-assess how their business measures up.

This is the first step in helping businesses think more deeply about how they are set up for business growth.

Creating stronger business growth

With the war on talent now a global battle, SME’s who are not yet deploying great talent attraction and management strategies will be left behind.

Your ability to grow and scale relies on your ability to attract, motivate and keep great talent.

Couple this with increasing compliance requirements, many SME’s are finding themselves on the wrong side of the law with 5-9  figure payouts and fines.

That’s why we’ve  developed a comprehensive HR Audit Tool for SME businesses to self-assess their Strategic HR approach, people management strategies, practices and compliance obligations. 


The HR Experts International are one of Australia’s leading HR, Coaching & Training Consultancies. We specialise in assisting Start-ups, Franchises, Small to Medium businesses with their Human Resource Strategies and people issues.

We help businesses grow, become more agile, create amazing engaged cultures, become talent magnets, whilst ensuring you have effective protection for your business.

We work with you to develop your Employer Brand, protect your reputation, create engaged employees and raving customer fans, in a pragmatic and straightforward way.

Our flexible Kick Starter and HR on Demand packages now provide SME’s with an ability to tap into high calibre, pragmatic strategic expertise at a price they can afford to enable their business to skyrocket it’s growth.

We provide strategic and operational Human Resource consulting service enabling any size business to gain a lion share of the Talent Pool and gain a clear competitive advantage over their competitors.

We also offer Coaching and training service to ensure your managers are able to proactively manage their people resources effectively!

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