Fundamentals of Change Leadership Program

We're LIVE starting 13 May, 2020

  • Get the best out of your team, through times of change and crisis.
  • Have you been thrust into new territory due to COVID-19?
  • Do you need to figure out new ways of managing your team remotely?
  • Do you feel you are still laying the tracks while the train is fast approaching you from behind?
  • Need to develop stronger leadership skills quickly?

If you answer is Yes to any of these, don’t worry, as we are all in this together and we are here to help you get through this globally unprecedented time with a very special offer of up to 90% off our regular price of $1,695.00.  COVID SPECIAL – NOW ONLY $169.00!

Want to know more about how to pivot your leadership skills to lead seamlessly through a change transition?

Many leaders are faced with the pressing predicament of needing to upskill quickly to learn management strategies for new circumstances, such as COVID-19 and remote team working. The HR Experts International can help solve this skills gap while teaching you the key fundamentals of change leadership, and how to create a high performing and engaged virtual team.

Our practical LIVE Group Coaching Program, is delivered via 7 live online workshops over 6 weeks.  This Leadership Development Program will build your skills quickly and help you navigate the challenges of leading a team in a changing environment.

You’ll learn about the different behaviours, tools, and skills required to not only navigate these new and confusing waters but also be successful.

Our team of experts will not only teach and coach you, but will be available to answer any questions you may have, drawing from their vast pool of knowledge and over 45 years of combined experience.6


Live Group Coaching workshops

Each live group coaching workshop starts at 10am, Wednesday 13th May AEST.  Each workshop has a pre-work module and will be live for approximately 2-2.5 hours.  

Course Overview

In this session, we will introduce the trainer, the module and learning outcomes. We’ll learn more about each other, set up our cohorts and get excited about the next six weeks!

In this module we explore the evidence about creating a high performance team. We will also focus on creating a high performing virtual team.

In this module we learn the key change management frameworks that help Leaders and Business Owners successfully implement and navigate change.

In this module we develop critical Change Leadership Capabilities. Understanding what really matters to successfully lead change in any business.

We all think we are great communicators!  The facts are that almost every employee survey or engagement survey highlights communication as a key issue for most businesses.  So we know there is a gap. That’s why we focus in this module on lifting your communication skills to the next level. Communication is critical to be a successful lead and the difference between a business surviving or not in a crisis like Covid19!

In this module we develop critical Change Leadership Capabilities. Understanding what really matters to successfully lead change in any business.

In this module we develop critical Change Leadership Capabilities. Understanding what really matters to successfully lead change in any business.

In this module we develop critical Change Leadership Capabilities. Understanding what really matters to successfully lead change in any business.

COURSE learning objectives

Our course is appropriate for those business owners and those in leadership positions, both existing and new, who are looking to upskill themselves in real-time. One of Australia’s leading HR Expert and Leadership coach will train you in:

  • Building key leadership skills and competence to lead and engage your team through change
  • Understanding how change affects individuals and how to help your team members overcome the difficulties
  • Developing effective change leadership strategies to align your team with change
  • Developing stronger leadership competence and improve your emotional intelligence capacity
  • Learning how to adapt your leadership style to effectively lead change by understanding the human side of change (stress, anxiety, fear, resistance)
  • Developing more powerful communication skills to engage your team members and support them effectively through change
  • Developing trust, delegation skills and empower the team for accountability and ownership
  • And much more (Download the course outline at the bottom of this page)
Gain experiential learning to put what you learn into practice immediately

With our help, you’ll learn valuable skills to set you apart as a leader.  You’ll also gain experiential learning to put what you learn into practice immediately.

Our trainers with over 45 years of combined experience in executive positions across a range of industries, including Start-ups, High Tech. Data, Services, NFP’s, and Retail organisations all over the world.

The HR team specialises in change and transformation projects and are ideally suited to help you navigate the unprecedented situation all businesses are facing today. With our help, you can turn hindrance into an advantage for your workforce.

Why are we offering this to you at 90% OFF?

We are all in this together and we want to contribute our bit to support leaders and the economy at this difficult time.

We know that the world of business has been thrown into turmoil, needing to figure out new ways of maintaining existing processes quickly. We also know that we are best-positioned to help with this because of our experience. This is why for the month of May, we are offering our course with a significant discount of 90% off – we want to help you.

Our mission has always been to enable 5,000 leaders to achieve their full potential as authentic, agile, adaptive leaders, and now it is more critical than ever. We aim to help 1,000 small to medium businesses to optimise their people resources, creating amazing cultures while supporting their growth. We are here to ensure every business owner gets the support they need, right now, so they can thrive tomorrow.

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    Vanessa Giannos MASHRM, MCIPD, PGDip.Research 

    CEO, The HR Experts (International)

    Vanessa is a Human Resources and Organisational Transformational Expert, having developed a wealth of Senior HR, Organisational and Personal Development expertise from her local and global HR experiences over the last 25 plus years. Vanessa has held senior HR and Executive leadership positions in a breadth of industries and size of companies.

    Vanessa’s passion is to assist individuals and organisations to grow, thrive and transform to the best they can be and to achieve their highest potential. Vanessa has developed proprietary employee engagement and culture assessments, 360-degree processes and Leadership Development programs.

    With phenomenal energy, passion, business acumen and strategic skills, Vanessa brings a pragmatic approach with executive teams and leaders.  Vanessa has delivered tremendous results around building high performance cultures, creating amazing transformations, strong employee engagement, increased profitability and, performance, communication, service excellence, leadership capability, knowledge management and team building.

    As well as being an International Master Behavioural Coach, Vanessa has a strong demonstrable record in HR, Executive, Leadership & Professional Coaching and Training & Development. Vanessa is currently a PHD candidate, holds a Masters in HR/OD, is a senior member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (UK), Member of Change Management Institute (CMP certification) holds three formal coaching qualifications and is a qualified DiSC & MBTI qualified facilitator.


    Liz Winter  CITP

    Head of Learning & Development Practice, The HR Experts (International)

    Liz has in excess of 20 years’ experience as a qualified Learning and Development Trainer, Situational Coach, Mentor, and Emotional Intelligence Assessor with an unwavering passion and commitment to developing others.

    Liz strives to make a real difference by designing and delivering training solutions that are innovative, engaging, participative, fun, technically correct and specific to meet overall business objectives and strategy some of which have been accredited by the City & Guilds, ILM and the National Skills Academy

    With all her extensive experience, knowledge and strength in all aspects of the Training Cycle as well as developing large traditional and remote teams, Liz has achieved immense credibility which is backed up by amazing ROI and compelling results for a broad range of clients and business partners.