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Fast Track Your Career with our Proven Methodology, that gets real results!

Whatever your needs, we will help you fast track your life goals. Our Life Coaching and Health Coaching will change your life. We work with passionate and motivated people who want to achieve success in their life or their health. We’ve helped thousands of people and we can help you too!

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Our Professional Life Coaching and Health Coaching in Sydney, across Australia and the globe are tailored to your needs and goals. At Executive and Leadership Coaching Australia we work with you to gain extraordinary results.  

Life Coaching is about helping people achieve their goals. This normally means they need help with developing goals or plans, with creating an inspiring vision, discovering their purpose and values, helping with motivation and staying focused and create transformation and changes in behaviour. This might mean changing a habit or behaviour that is not serving you? e.g. unhealthy lifestyle, anger, anxiety, depression, stress.

We work with you to develop your talents and help you overcome limiting habits, beliefs and patterns. We also become your confidential sounding board providing a fantastic opportunity to engage in powerful and robust conversations as well as learning new skills, tools, habits and beliefs.

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When it comes to Health Coaching, we use a variety of tried and tested methodologies, and our Founder and CEO is a qualified Functional Health Practitioner. We help people develop better function within their mind, body, spirit to reduce risk or illnesses or to assist with current illnesses. This includes a holistic, mind, body, spirit and soul approach.

Our coaches will support you, be your sounding board and confidant, will facilitate mindset changes, help you eliminate unhelpful beliefs and habits, gain consciousness, self-awareness and emotional intelligence and help you regain balance and vitality in your life.  

Everyone needs a coach. We believe Coaching is essential to success and wellness, and that’s why all our coaches have an ongoing coaching relationship with their coach every month like clockwork to ensure their and your success!  Like an elite athlete, or footy team, every elite has a coach.  Everyone who is now an elite, got there because of amazing Coaching.  That is what we do!   

Our Coaching Programs enable you to become more effective, greater skilled and create excellent results by unlocking your own hidden potential and understanding more about your strengths and potential. This can have a phenomenal effect on you, your life, your health, and your career.

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Take charge of your life and health

Life Coaching and Health Coaching offered by our firm is the pathway to success for you. Our Coaching will help you to develop a powerful mindset, gain skills, change habits, eliminate unhelpful beliefs and patterns, and gain an insight into how you can develop your strengths. You help you find insights into yourself. We work on your building your strengths and talents and allow you to expand upon these to lead with your best foot forward. With Executive and Leadership Coaching Australia, you will have the ability to learn new skills, tools and powerful conversational tools that will quantum leap your life, health, career and open up new opportunities.

Benefits of Coaching

There are a multitude of benefits when you chose to work with us for your Coaching needs. Solid and real results, increased confidence and self-efficacy, deep insights into yourself and others, building relationships, resolving relationship issues, building boundaries and control in your life, building health and wellness, reducing and even eliminating symptoms, building your professional skills, eliminating negative or self-limiting beliefs, changing behaviours to make you more effective, increase productivity and create less stress and hassle in your life, to name but a few!