We specialise in supporting you to get crystal clear, get unstuck, take action and achieve your career goals and dreams!

Our coaches are HR experts with significant HR & Coaching experience in Australia, Asia, UK & USA.  All coaches are selected following rigorous interviewing and assessment to ensure we have only the highest quality coaches to help you on your career journey. We are real HR people with real HR & recruitment experience that enables you to get clarity on what you want to achieve, set inspiring, yet realistic goals and give you skills, understanding, confidence and support to progress with your chosen direction.

We’ve worked with 1000’s of clients and we know that career management is often one of the most confusing and frustrating life challenge for people.  We are deeply empathetic, and work with you to help you define and achieve your DREAM CAREER!

If you are feeling –

  • fearful and worried
  • disempowered and frustrated
  • confused about your strengths
  • unclear about your passion and values
  • unclear about your purpose and motivations
  • unclear about the types of careers/jobs/opportunities that suit you
  • stuck in a rut and feeling like you can’t move forward
  • wanting to change careers but no idea where to start
  • wanting to start their own business but unclear about whether you are suited to it

Whether you are struggling with:

  • unclear about your career map or path
  • not being able to get interviews
  • not getting traction to transition to a new job
  • not getting traction in your current job (watching others have success)
  • not getting traction on changing your career
  • not getting traction on transitioning to self-employed or business owner
  • needing to develop your soft skills like influencing, conflict resolution, managing up
  • needing to develop management and leadership skills
  • needing to develop better people engagement skills or relationship building skills…


All clients are different and work at different paces so we use a structured approach to coaching that is suited to each client’s need.

If you choose to work with us, you are choosing Professional HR Career Coaches. Together we will investigate what is really important to you, create a compelling vision, set inspiring goals, identify your limiting beliefs, habits and patterns and provide a structure to help you achieve your goals and vision.

We offer the following Career Coaching programs.  The programs are customised to your needs.  Contact us to get a brochure and find out more about our Career Coaching Programs.

  • Career Coaching for Young Professionals
  • Career Coaching for Professionals
  • Career Coaching for Senior Professionals
  • Career Coaching for Ex-Service Personnel (ADF)
  • Career Coaching for International Students and New Immigrants
  • Employment Coaching 
  • Career Transition Coaching (New Career)
  • Career Coaching for Career Returners
  • Career Coaching – Transitioning to Business Owner or Self Employed

We also offer Manager and Leadership Coaching.

Are you ready to ready to achieve your goals and live the life you want?

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