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Are your employees wowing your customers?

Is customer service a job or a passion in your business?

Are your customers raving fans or detractors?

Do you have an NPS of 65 +, if not, your team need more WOW factor!

Everyone knows that service is a critical success factor for business. But how many organisations can really claim to be giving amazing, WOW factor customer service?

Are you measuring your customer engagement and NPS?  

Customer expectations have grown tremendously over the last few decades and most are dissatisfied with the service they receive from organisations.  Just meeting expectations is a big ask these days, let alone exceeding their expectations or totally wowing them.

For most businesses, acquiring customers has a big impact on the bottom line, however losing customers or failing to create fabulous word of mouth is even more costly (some estimate up to 10 times more expensive).

When a customer has a poor experience with a business, it’s not just them that leave and don’t use your services or products again, but they also deter 55 people in their network (and these days with Social Media may well be 550 +)!   So, how many customers are you losing?

We are super passionate about WOW factor service.  We don’t want to create good customer service, we intend to facilitate and inspire your employees to create phenomenal WOW FACTOR moments for your customers or potential customers.

Our WOWING Customers program enhances service and sales capability and goes beyond excellence in service to creating wow factor customer experiences.  A key part of any of these programs is having fun and real life practice experiences.  We inspire employees to take ownership of creating WOW experiences and to reignite their passion.

We offer comprehensive services to embed the WOW factor into your business. We can help with:

  • Designing or reviewing your current Customer Strategy, Processes and Policies to ensure deep customer-centricity to support your employees passion
  • Training managers on how to effectively coach for the WOW factor and empower employees
  • Implement and train managers and employees on NPS, Customer-Satisfaction, Call Quality
  • Develop and design employee training, to drive personal responsibility and skills to achieve the WOW factor

We take four approaches to developing the training program, namely:

  1. Focusing on the key skills and behaviours required to deliver excellence in service, including customer behaviour.
  2. Focusing on the key skills and behaviours required to deal with difficult customer situations.
  3. Focusing on sales and service skills and behaviours.
  4. Developing a broad program that is designed completely around your business and customer-segments.

Depending on how we tailor your program, you could expect these benefits:

  • Increase productivity and performance
  • Increase skills and reduce learning curves
  • Increase understanding of customer behaviour (using DiSC behavioural profiling)
  • Develop effective customer-engagement skills
  • Increased levels of customer-satisfaction and turning your customers into raving fans
  • Increased word of mouth and repeat business
  • Increase levels of employee engagement
  • Increase ownership of the customer experience by team members
  • Increase ability to deal with difficult customers
  • Greater self and customer awareness
  • Higher levels of trust and commitment from customers
  • A stronger service and sales culture
  • Individual action plans that managers can work with

Let us develop a comprehensive program for you that can be delivered on a regular basis to create phenomenal results, ensuring WOW moments at every opportunity.

In order to gain maximum leverage, we work with you to tailor the program to include phone and/or face-to-face sales and service. We can also develop a full program that can be delivered on a regular basis and create phenomenal results.

Want to know more? Are you ready to create WOW moments for your customers at every touch-point? Get in touch

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