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What is DISC?

The authentic DiSC Profile Tool is the world’s leading behavioural profiling tool.  DiSC is a powerful emotional intelligence tool, enabling high levels of self awareness.  DiSC also creates greater awareness of others behaviour and unlocks the secrets to managing, influencing, selling to and servicing different types of people. 

DiSC is exceptionally useful in coaching and soft skills training, in particular customer service, sales, leadership and team building activities, enabling stronger team awareness and acceptance.

DiSC focuses on behaviour.  The premise of DiSC is that people behave as a response to the environment.  Each of the four styles perceives and responds differently to the environment.  DiSC states that every person has some element of each of all four styles however, as humans we tend to rely on one or two styles.  Everyone has a primary style and most people have a secondary style.

DiSC was developed based on the American psychologist named William Moulton Marston, who developed a theory to explain people’s emotional responses.  This theory was based on a number of theories including the ancient Greeks and Carl Jung’s observations.

The DiSC profiling tool takes approximately 10 minutes to complete online and clients receive a professional detailed profile along with an in-depth sense-making coaching session, to ensure you gain the maximum value out of understanding your profile.

If you are in Australia/NZ/UK it is important to use an appropriate cultural norm DISC profile, by a reputable company.  We used an endorsed tool and our Coaches have 8- 20 years experience in working this tool.  If you are a client from the US we use the relevant US normed based profile to ensure you gain the best insights for you. 

Key Benefits of DiSC:

Key Benefits of our Sense-Making Session:

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