Employment Law For Managers

Are you 100% on top of employment law? 

Are you sure your managers understand the legal context they need to, to keep  your business out of court?

We can help! As senior HR specialists, our experts design and lead this informative, practical workshop.  We find that most managers are operating on a limited understanding of employment law, or worse, misunderstanding or outdated knowledge of the law.

Our 1/2 or 1 day workshops deliver the complexity of employment law in easy to understand terms relevant to managers, directly related to the daily lives of managers  in business and in understandable modules.

All our Employment Law for Manager workshops are delivered by a senior HR specialist with at least 10 years in HR management and an expertise in the pragmatic application of Employment Law, this program is updated with relevant legislation and case law so that managers have the most up-to-date information.

Examples of modules included in our Employment Law for Managers workshop are:

  • Understanding the legislative framework of employment law
  • Understanding the effect of common law on the employment relationship
  • Understanding contract law with regard to employment contracts
  • Understanding the key obligations of the Workplace Relations Act (WRA)
  • Understanding the law in relation to performance improvement and termination
  • Understanding the law in relation to recruitment & selection
  • Understanding anti-discrimination law (including Bullying laws)
  • Understanding WHS law (overview of obligations)
  • Understand the do’s and dont’s
  • Real life case law case studies

Depending on how you choose to tailor your workshop, some of the benefits and outcomes of our programs are:

  • Minimise legal risks by understanding how to operate within the law
  • Close the gaps in your current understanding and approach
  • Opportunity to discuss real life situations in your business
  • Gain real knowledge about employment law affecting your business
  • Gain management ownership
  • Reduced ambiguity
  • Reduce costly mistakes
  • Develop more effective management processes
  • Manage your team more effectively

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