Leading in a crisis


In this FREE 5 day Masterclass, our CEO, one of Australia's leading HR Experts will share with you the key tips you need to successfully lead in a crisis, such as COVID 19 Pandemic.

You will learn how to how to prepare yourself and your team for being effective in the crisis.

Every day we will cover 1 hour of content LIVE and open up the webinar for questions.  This is interactive and available to ALL leaders GLOBALLY!


DAY ONE:       Preparing Yourself as a Leader

DAY TWO:      Setting up the team for success - Practicalities

DAY THREE:    Helping the team adjust to a new reality – Adapting to change

DAY FOUR:     Holding space, dealing with emotions

DAY FIVE:       Introduction to Solution-Focused Coaching

Join us for this FREE Masterclass Series STARTING 6 April, 5pm AEST

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Contact us today, to access strong results, with a pragmatic and customised approach for optimising your business.  You will have peace of mind and minimise your risk.

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5 day Masterclass

Alleviating Stress & Anxiety

13 -17 April 2020: 5 - 6pm, AEST

Are you feeling fearful? Anxious? 

Stressed? Even depressed?

In this COVID 19 era, it is natural to feel a sense of fear due to the unknown.  That can create anxiety, stress and if you let it despair.  Despair can lead to depression.

In this 5 day masterclass, our CEO and Master Behavioural Coach will take you through practical models to help you to understand S.A.D - Stress, Anxiety and Depression and help you release those feelings.  The masterclass is a mix of practical tools and an experiential experience!

DAY 1:   Understanding Stress, Anxiety & Depression (S.A.D).  How do we create it? What is actually happening? Understand how SAD affects your health, body & IMMUNE system

DAY 2:   Managing your Mindset - Virtuous vs Viscous Cycles.  Understand what works based on the evidence and holistic approaches to Mindset.

DAY 3:   Managing your mindset – Key tips and tools. Experiential session. 

DAY 4:   Releasing Stress - Experiential tools. Preventing Stress

DAY 5:   Reducing Anxiety = Experiential tools.

5 Day Challenge 

Better Sleep, More Energy! 

13 - 17 April 2020: 7.30-8.30pm, AEST

Struggling to sleep? 

Feeling fatigued and overwhelmed?

In this COVID 19 era, it is natural to feel a sense of fear anxiety or stress.  These feelings increase your cortisol levels and mess with your neurotransmitters and sleep patterns.

In this 10 day challenge you are going to take the actions you need to, to get better sleep, awake energised, more hopeful and ready to take on the challenges of another day!

DAY 1:    Why is sleep critical?  Circadian Rhythm/         Mitochondria. Understand factors affecting quality sleep

DAY 2:     Sleep & Health & Immunity building/defence - Top 10 tips

DAY 3:     Diet & Lifestyle -Top sleep supporters & Neurotransmitters

DAY 4:      Changing habits! 

DAY 5:      Putting it all together into practice and maintaining sleep and energy

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