Expert Facilitation

We provide expert and experienced facilitation, design pragmatic, no-nonsense, yet engaging workshops to achieve your workshop outcomes.

Our team are recognised as leading experts in workshop facilitation, having designed and delivered many executive, company and team workshops and off-sites.

We have facilitated a wide range of business workshops including:

  • Start-up / new vision
  • Developing a business strategy and 5 year plan
  • Annual business planning & annual budget planning
  • Business Planning
  • Growth Strategy
  • Values determination
  • New Culture development
  • Planning change projects – e.g. mergers, acquisitions, office moves, new products, new services
  • Organisational Channge Management
  • Team Days
  • Company sales conferences
  • Company conferences
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Expanding internationally
  • New people strategy
  • New customer strategy
  • Marketing and sales planning
  • HR Planning

Each workshop is unique and is designed around your desired outcomes and styles.

Why consider expert facilitation?

Leaders often find it difficult to facilitate and contribute.  Often it comes off as too direct and not as interactive. Sometimes their voice can get lost and may not be heard on important matters.

An external workshop facilitator brings an objective mindset to workplace discussions. From this independent perspective, facilitators can see new angles and balance contrasting viewpoints. They can see where challenge and devils advocate is required to bring a broad rand of perspectives and to come to a full discussion of the topic.  They can help you to design a workshop agenda, plan sessions and work towards desired outcomes – allowing you to focus wholeheartedly on the matters at hand.

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