Recruitment and Selection Workshops

Looking to train your managers to effectively recruit the right people to fit with your business values and cultures?

Did you know the average cost of a bad hire is estimated at $8,000 for employees, $15,000 for managers and $30,000 for Executives (and that assumes no legal consequences)?

Recruitment & selection is a key part of any manager’s role in business. However, many managers have not had the benefit of effective training and leave themselves open to not only costly culture fit issues, but also potentially costly legal issues.

The recruitment and selection process can make or break a small to medium business, but can also have many adverse affects in larger organisations.

This program is a 1 – 3 day workshop that enables manages to understand how to recruit and select their team members effectively using proven methodologies and minimising costly mistakes.  Depending on your business’ needs, we can include the following in your workshop:

  • Provide a framework for recruiting and selecting the right people for your business
  • Understand how the different laws interact and sometimes conflict in the recruitment and selection process
  • Understand the true cost of getting recruitment wrong
  • Understand the different paths to recruitment (e.g. online, agencies); the pros and cons
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts
  • Understand the referencing process, including deep behavioural reference checking
  • Develop rapid rapport building skills
  • Develop strong selection criteria – fit for role, fit for culture, fit for future potential
  • Develop superior behavioural event questions – ensuring fit for role, culture and future potential
  • Develop key skills in managing an effective behavioural interview
  • Develop critical questioning skills
  • Develop your employee value proposition (EVP)
  • Identify non-congruent applicants and potential issues

Depending on how your workshop needs to be tailored, you can expect the following benefits & outcomes:

  • Customised to your business’ culture, values and performance management framework
  • Deploy hybrid approaches to gain maximum advantage in the labour market
  • Gain a stronger positive culture
  • Ensure best fit candidates – fit for role, fit for culture, fit for future potential
  • Gain management ownership
  • Gain tools for a systematic approach to effective selecting
  • Improve overall bench strength of the business
  • Reduce undesirable turnover, costs and ambiguity
  • Reduce costly mistakes of wrong fit individuals
  • Reduce hard cost of recruitment
  • Reduce the soft cost of recruitment (e.g. management time)
  • Minimise legal risks

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