Interim Executive

Over the last few years, the so called ‘gig’ economy has grown.  This is also true of Executive roles.  In this blog, we discuss the results of Watermark’s Interim Survey 2017.

The survey reflects the view that the workforce will become more flexible, less about ‘jobs’ for highly skilled knowledge workers and leaders and more about Portfolio Careers.

Of 500 respondents, nearly 30% have made a conscious choice for this mode of working.

The survey respondents are predominately men, which may reflect the nature of the roles of respondents.  A very high percentage of  respondents were GM& C-Suite within General Management, Project Management, Operations, Finance, Sales & Marketing.

Interesting nearly 50% of respondents found opportunities outside of recruiters.

The Gig-Freelancer-Interim workforce is set to grow as more and more highly skilled workers, choose Portfolio / Flexible career options.

Read the full results here: