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At HR Experts (Intl) we offer a range of HR solutions to meet your business needs!

Whether it’s a HR expert on-call or on-site support, strategic or operational HR support, Organisational Development or Change Management, we have the right HR consultant, interim or short-term contractor to help you resolve your people issues.

Building and managing a business can be tough. In fact, managing people can be the most difficult job in the world. But it doesn’t have to be though and you don’t have to do it alone!

Unlike other HR Consulting firms, we operate easily at both a strategic level and operational level.  Our HR Consultants understand the fine balancing act required between business needs and employee needs. And we’re prepared to have the tough business conversations to enable delivery of pragmatic solutions and real business results.

Our aim is to inspire, empower and build strong performance, cultures, and employee engagement a to achieve strong business results. Above all, our HR Specialists are no-nonsense, straight-talking, commercially focused, pragmatic business people, with at least 10 years of HR expertise.

Our HR Solutions can help you:

  • Attract and Retain high quality great-fit employees
  • Create higher employee performance and engagement 
  • Create Higher Customer Satisfaction and productivity levels
  • Generate Higher Revenue and Profit,
  • Create greater cohesiveness after Integrations, Restructures,  Mergers and Acquisitions,
  • Facilitate Change that Sticks and Gets Results, and
  • Lower your Costs and Risks: e.g, Acquisition Costs or Lowering Labour Turnover

This all equates to an increased bottom line!

Our HR Solutions include:

  • Strategic HR (e.g. Developing comprehensive HR strategy to match your business strategy goals and objectives; Strategic Planning and developing key HR Strategic Initiatives)
  • HR Contractors/Interims (HR, OD & Change Management)
  • HR-on-call (your outsourced HR Department at call when you need us)
  • Organisational Development  (e.g. Organisational Design/Restructure, Merger & Acquisition Culture, Change Management, Employee Engagement, Talent Strategies)
  • Operational HR Services (including WHS, Advice, Policies & Procedures)
  • Workshops & Training (e.g. Leadership Development, Management Training, Induction Programs, Soft Skills Programs, Team Building, Customer Service & Sales)
  • Expert Facilitation (e.g. strategy workshops, change workshops, team workshops)
  • Coaching (Business Owners, Executives, Managers, HR Professionals, Employees)

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