One of our many passions is Leadership.  Our Leadership Development Program creates strong and effective leadership as the cornerstone of high employee engagement levels and high business performance.

There is a lot of hype from the ‘personal development industry’ about leadership, most of it leaves the participant with no real skills.  Hearing inspiring stories are great, but to be a great leader in an organisation, the leader needs to master key fundamental leadership skills, behaviours and competencies.

Research continually shows the link between mindful leadership excellence and successful businesses has now become a key competitive advantage.   We have found that a very powerful leadership framework combines 360 degree leadership feedback with targeted leadership development and reinforcement with coaching.  This methodology enables your business to breach the gap in your leadership bench-strength in a shorter timeframe.  However, we can also deliver tailored leadership development programs to meet a specific leadership requirement for your business.

Our Training Solutions deliver high quality (yet affordable) training solutions tailored to your needs. We can deliver at your premises to further maximise cost effectiveness. Our leadership development programs are generally designed to be of 2 – 3 days in length and can be delivered in day modules over a three – four week period.

We can focus on a range of outcomes in a tailored leadership development program. Here are some examples of what can be included:

  • Develop mindfulness and conscious leadership skills
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence
  • Recognise the difference between managers and leaders competencies
  • Understand situational leadership and discover how to use it effectively
  • Understand key motivation theory and how to use these frameworks to best effect
  • Build and share meaning about leadership requirements within your organisation
  • DiSC behavioural profiling to develop stronger self and team awareness and to improve leadership style
  • Develop proven and effective leadership behaviours
  • Develop stronger team engagement skills
  • Developing a compelling team vision and inspiring stretch goals
  • Leading high performing teams
  • Leading teams through change
  • Improve performance, constructive feedback and coaching skills
  • Improve relationship building skills including rapid rapport building
  • Improve influencing skills and conflict management skills
  • Coaching sessions to follow up and embed learning and skills into the workplace
  • 360 Leadership development


Depending on which program you choose, some of the benefits and outcomes are:

  • Increased leadership bench-strength
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Increased level of employee engagement
  • Gain high levels of management ownership
  • Gain higher levels of trust and commitment at all levels of the business
  • Greater self awareness and engagement of your leaders
  • Embed organisational values
  • Develop a strong positive, high performance culture
  • Develop stronger and more productive teams and leaders
  • Reduced costs and undesirable turnover

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