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Manager as Inspirational Coach

Effective leadership requires managers to be effective coaches.  Our Manager as Coach Workshop develops your leaders to inspire their team and get the very best out of their people.

Coaching is a higher level of leadership skill that is most effective when the leader has mastered the fundamentals of leadership and performance management.  Effective coaching has dramatic and significant results for managers, employees and the overall business.

Research shows that “Employees are four times more likely to leave a job with a manager who has poor coaching and interpersonal skills.”

Our approach helps managers to understand when coaching is most appropriate and develop key skills to apply a solution focused coaching methodology when appropriate.  Using a solution-focused framework is a strong methodology for focusing on people’s strengths and developing effective and constructive solutions.  Our methodology ensures managers take a collaborative, inclusive, mindful approach to build solutions to problems, enable accountability, take appropriate action and get great results.

We will tailor the workshop to fit with your business vision, values and culture and is delivered over a 2 -4 day split program (allowing time for real-life practice and feedback).

Elements of our Manager as Coach Workshop.

We can focus on a range of outcomes in a tailored leadership program. Here are some examples of what you can expect can include:

  • Develop 360 degree leadership framework and feedback to determine level of individual competency and overall leadership benchmark and strength
  • Recognise the difference between managers and leaders
  • Understand situational leadership and discover how to use it effectively
  • Understand key motivation theory and how to use these frameworks to best effect
  • Build and share meaning about leadership requirements within your organisation
  • DiSC behavioural profiling to develop stronger self and team awareness and to improve leadership style
  • Develop proven and effective leadership behaviours
  • Develop stronger team engagement skills
  • Develop higher levels of emotional intelligence
  • Developing a compelling vision and inspiring stretch goals
  • Improve constructive feedback and coaching skills
  • Improve relationship building skills including rapid rapport building
  • Improve influencing skills and conflict management skills
  • Coaching sessions to follow up and embed learning and skills into the workplace

Want to discuss tailoring a program for your business? Get in touch.

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