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Performance Management & Enhancement

Performance Management is the cornerstone of our passion for people in business.  Effective performance management is one of the most misunderstood areas of people management, yet one of the key drivers of driving the performance of the whole business.

The ‘personal development industry’ hype around performance management often misses the basic fundamentals of strong performance management and hence businesses only receive limited benefits.  Effective performance management is about the right framework, processes and key skills of leaders.

We tailor the workshop to fit with your performance management framework. Most programs are 2 – 3 days in length, depending on your needs.

Elements of Our Performance Management Training Program:

We can focus on a range of outcomes in a tailored leadership program. Here are some examples of what you can expect:

  • Develop 360 degree leadership framework and feedback to determine level of individual competency and overall leadership benchmark and strength
  • Recognise the difference between managers and leaders
  • Understand situational leadership and discover how to use it effectively
  • Understand key motivation theory and how to use these frameworks to best effect
  • Build and share meaning about leadership requirements within your organisation
  • DiSC behavioural profiling to develop stronger self and team awareness and to improve leadership style
  • Develop proven and effective leadership behaviours
  • Develop stronger team engagement skills
  • Develop higher levels of emotional intelligence
  • Developing a compelling vision and inspiring stretch goals
  • Improve constructive feedback and coaching skills
  • Improve relationship building skills including rapid rapport building
  • Improve influencing skills and conflict management skills
  • Coaching sessions to follow up and embed learning and skills into the workplace

Depending on the type of leadership program you choose, some of the benefits and outcomes are:

  • Customised to your business’ culture, values and performance management framework
  • Increased productivity and employee engagement
  • Build shared meaning about performance and outcomes
  • Tools for a systematic approach to effective performance management
  • Gain management ownership
  • Gain better career management
  • Greater self awareness and engagement of your leaders
  • Develop strong positive, high performance culture
  • Drive business outcomes throughout the organisation
  • Reduced undesirable turnover, costs and ambiguity
  • Reduce excessive sick leave
  • Minimise legal risks

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