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One of our many passions is leadership development, and at HR Experts International we are striving to create the next generation of great leaders in businesses across Australia. If you are looking to expand your leaders’ skillset and give your business a competitive edge, our leadership courses are for you. Our experience and research demonstrates that strong and effective leadership is the cornerstone of high employee engagement levels and strong business performance.

Through offering training, we are providing the basis, knowledge and skills that can be applied in real leadership situations. We offer powerful leadership series, including conscious leadership, and a number of solutions for business looking for stronger leadership qualities, and when combined are exceptionally powerful!

Outlining our courses

As part of our workshops and programs we provide evidence-based, cutting-edge leadership tools and management skills that are applicable to real life situations. This highly interactive course allows us to give hands on and interactive experience for people to develop their skills on. Our courses are developed on an evidence-based leadership framework tailored to your business, culture and values.

We can also design a 180/360 feedback leadership framework for your business. The 180/360 framework when developed and managed well, has been proven to be a highly effective process, and a hugely powerful way to develop core leadership competencies in an organisation and understand individual strengths of those in leadership roles. We also provide advice and tools to help people develop their needs as well as set the bench mark of your leadership team to grow from.

This enables targeted learning interventions, leveraging on your investment in leader development.  Our 360 surveys are web enabled and provide valuable and insightful reporting so that leaders can fully understand the ways in which they need to improve their own leadership competence.

We will help you develop a range of high quality leadership development training programs, including one on one coaching to change behaviours, thinking and develop key competencies that can be applied competently in the workplace.

Find out more

To understand not only these workshops, but our full range of courses and coaching suitable to business management and development, contact us today. At HR Experts International, we aim to provide the skills and tools for great leaders to be born. With team building activities, change management, and leadership coaching  available, we are providing a sound support for businesses to develop their leader’s skills and knowledge. With our fundamentals of management programs, we have been growing the next generation of leaders in Sydney and beyond for over 10 years! To find out more, call us for free on (02) 9258 1934. We provide services to Sydney businesses as well as across Australia and New Zealand. Our professional team will be more than happy to have a confidential discussion about your needs!

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