Inspirational Change Leadership Workshops

change leadership

Need to make changes in your business?

 Need to ensure your mangers lead change effectively & with inspiration?

Want to develop more resilience in your employees to help them effectively navigate change and self manage negative states (like stress)?


Whether the change is a restructure, merger or acquisition, introduction of technology, new products or services, in-sourcing or outsourcing, our Inspirational Change Leadership workshops can help.

Whilst change is a natural and inevitable part of life, most people have a natural aversion to it. If it’s not effectively led, change can cripple a business and can create cultural, employee relations and strategic issues in a business.

Executives often underestimate the impact of change, which often results in the objectives of change not being fully realised. Numerous research studies have shown that around 80% of change programs in business fails to deliver the expected results, mainly due to ineffective change management frameworks and leadership.

Our 23-day Inspirational Change Leadership program focuses on the ‘people aspect’ of change, and is designed to assist managers to effectively lead their teams through change. This program focuses on change leadership, inspiring the team to buy into change and lead change from the front.  We cover strategies to gain buy-in, effectively manage emotions and employee concerns, and move the organisation through the change curve  as quickly as possible to minimise disruption and risk and create positivity about the change and the future.

Our change leadership programs can include the following elements:

  • Understanding different change models
  • Understanding human change models
  • Understand the change curve and how to facilitate progress
  • Understanding the key elements for an effective change management process
  • Understanding the reasons why change management often fails
  • Understanding how change affects individuals and how to overcome the difficulties involved
  • Understanding situational leadership and how to use it to best effect
  • Understanding how to build shared meaning about change requirements
  • DiSC behavioural profiling to develop stronger self and team awareness
  • Understanding how different behavioural styles deal with change
  • Understanding how to support and move people through the change curve quickly
  • Developing proven and effective leadership behaviours
  • Developing a compelling vision and inspiring, stretch goals
  • Developing appropriate communication channels to support change
  • Developing key influencing skills and conflict management skills
  • Coaching sessions to embed learning and skills into the workplace

Depending on how we tailor your change program, some of the benefits and outcomes include:

  • Stronger change leadership
  • Inspired leaders & employees
  • Customised to your business’ culture, values and change management framework
  • Gain management ownership
  • Gain tools for a systematic approach to effective change management
  • Gain stronger team engagement skills
  • Gain higher levels of employee engagement
  • Greater self awareness and engagement of your leaders
  • Increase retention of key talent
  • Reduce undesirable turnover, costs and ambiguity
  • Reduce costly mistakes
  • Manage change more effectively, ensuring expected outcomes are achieved
  • Maintain productivity and performance through change
  • Maintain positive employee perceptions
  • Reduce costly mistakes and disruption
  • Minimise legal risks

We can also offer:

  • Resilience Programs for employees to assist them navigate change and the change curve effectively.
  • Change Management
  • Culture Development

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