Managing Performance Improvement (Under Performance)

performance improvement

Do you have team members who are under-performing in your business?

Looking for an engaging, pragmatic and effective workshop to train your managers on performance improvement?

Performance Management is the cornerstone of our passion for people in business.  Effective performance management is one of the most misunderstood areas of people management, yet one of the key drivers of driving the performance of the whole business. When one or more employees are under-performing it has a significant impact on the team and the business.  Managers often find managing performance improvement or  under-performance difficult and often take a ‘get them out approach’.

Rather than simply trying to exit employees from the business, we recommend a performance improvement approach inviting employees to take ownership of their performance.  Of course, if they fail to take the opportunity, it may well lead to a fair and legal termination.  We have found, when managed properly, 90% of under-performers respond to our approach.  This could save your business around $8000 in turnover costs.

We tailor our workshops to fit with your performance management framework and give you processes and key skills to better manage under-performers.

Most workshops are 1 – 3 days long, depending on your needs and can include elements such as: 

  • Understanding the importance of performance management and shattering the myths
  • Understand employment law associated with performance improvement and termination
  • Understand the key elements of improving performance
  • Learn how to identify and effectively manage under-performance
  • Learn how to facilitate highly effective performance improvement reviews
  • Understand key motivation theories and what makes your people tick
  • Uncover the power of how your behaviour affects others
  • Understanding motivation theory and what motivates different behavioural styles
  • Develop effective skills to manage ‘difficult’ employees
  • Develop effective constructive feedback skills
  • Develop effective skills for managing performance improvement
  • Coaching sessions to follow up and embed learning and skills into the workplace

Depending on how we tailor your  workshop, some of the benefits and outcomes are:


  • Customised to your business’ culture, values and performance management framework
  • Increased productivity and employee engagement
  • Build shared meaning about performance and outcomes
  • Tools for a systematic approach to effective performance improvement
  • Gain management ownership
  • Greater self awareness and engagement of your leaders
  • Develop strong positive, high performance culture
  • Drive business outcomes throughout the organisation
  • Reduced undesirable turnover, costs and ambiguity
  • Reduce excessive sick leave
  • Minimise legal risks

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