Creating a robust recruitment process

Attracting Great Talent

As a Business owner, CEO or Manager, one of the most important assets to your business are your employees.  Recruiting great employees ensures your business will have strong profitability, productivity, efficiency and great customer service.  Getting your recruitment process right is absolutely critical to your success from the beginning. 

Remember, ALL Performance Management starts at recruitment.  Get it wrong here and you may suffer significant consequences.

Here are our top 7 tips to ensure you recruit great talent for your business:

1. Ensure the right fit!

All good recruitment starts with outlining how you want your businesses represented in terms of your Franchise Brand and your Values.  This will help you to get crystal clear on the type of person you want in your business and articulating that in behavioural terms is essential.   

Ensuring you scope a role well, attracts the right candidates and prevents major headaches down the track (e.g. performance issues). 

Start by creating a Role Outline and Success Profile.  This includes outlining:

All too often, we work with clients that have a shopping list of requirements that are unrealistic or necessary for the role. 

From a legal and pragmatic perspective, it is important to distinguish between minimum requirement and your ideal candidate. We all love to find ideal candidates, but oftentimes they don’t exist!

Our golden rule is to recruit for FIT first and train for skills.  It is much easier to teach someone new skills, than to ask them to change ingrained behaviours and personality traits!

2. Get your recruitment process sorted before advertising

There are a number of elements that you need to have in place. You need to have:

  • A clear role outline and success profile
  • A well designed job advert

An understanding of the relevant legislation and awards are critical for jobs that pay under $70,000 per annum.  The bare minimum required when recruiting for a role is:

  • Know the Award wages and conditions
  • Get a solid understanding of Market rates for the role
  • Ensure you have a customised employment contract in place with the right policies for your business
  • Set up Payroll & an employer default Superannuation Fund

3. Design your Recruitment Process

An agile recruitment process is your key to success. 

Recruitment needs to be real-time and continuous. As a benchmark, the average time to recruit is 3-4 weeks for basic roles (from advertising to offer). 

To ensure you are agile, make sure you answer the questions first:

Example of a Continuous Recruitment Timeline:

Week  &  Process Steps

1  Advertising and short-listing candidates

1-2  Skype Interviews for short-listed candidates

2-3  Interviews and Assessments

3-4  Checks – Reference etc and make an offer

4. Design your Interview & Assessment Process

Validated research shows that a strong behavioural interview (structured) process is the best predictor of future behaviour and ensuring the right candidate. It is also legally defensible.

A highly effective Behavioural Event Interview guide is designed specific to the role and business and uncovers behaviours, values, competence, skills, knowledge, resilience and learning agility.  It is best to employ a HR expert to develop this for you.  

It is also best to get training on this so that you can make the most of your interviews.

More on behavioural interviewing in our next blog.  You can also grab your free copy of our ebook.

To determine their technical competence, designed appropriate assessments. E.g. Technical questioning, Online testing or Live observation and assessment.  

For example, if you are recruiting a Barista you may have some technical questions about coffee making (testing on different types of coffee, temperature etc) and then ask them to make 4 different types of coffee for you, whilst you observe their technique.

5. Invest in training

One of the biggest issues for SME’s is their ignorance of the law. One recruitment error is estimated to cost up to 150% of the person’s salary (excluding legal cases)!

We strongly suggest attending workplace legislation and compliance training designed for small business owners and behavioural recruitment training Interviewers need to learn how to be unbiased, skilfully spot lies and inconsistencies, delve deeply, evaluate and validate a person’s experience, skills, values, behaviour and competence.

We’ll be offering an exclusive comprehensive recruitment blended online training program specifically designed for SME’s.

6. Do your checks!

Did you know that over 90% of people admit to lying on their Resume?  Don’t get caught out!  Most SME’s are poor at doing proper checks.  

Verifying your candidate is crucial. Behavioural reference checking, checking licenses and qualifications is highly recommended.  Make sure you talk to the person’s ex manager (accept nothing less) and make sure you ask behavioural based reference questions.

Another common practice we’ve observed in SME’s is the tendency to discuss applicants with others in their network.

NEVER contact someone you know without the candidate’s knowledge.  This is fraught with legal minefields! 

Remember there is more information in what is not said that what is said!

When Managers are desperate, they tend to make very poor decisions! Save yourself excessive time and costs by following our golden rule: if in doubt, decline!

7.  Ensure good on-boarding

Final point but critical in terms of new employee engagement. Ensuring good on-boarding means your employee gets inculcated into your values and expectations, gains the right training and becomes strongly engaged with your business. 

In the onboarding period do regular reviews. Closely monitor behaviour and performance in the whole probationary period. If you have  concerns raise them quickly and nip in the bud early!  If issues continue do not be afraid to let go of the employee in the probation period. Prudence here, can save years of toxicity and headaches!


The legalities of recruitment can make recruiting complex.  But like everything, once you have your process and system in place it is easier to execute. 

Recruiting great talent requires an investment of time and money.  But once you have the right talent on board, your business results will skyrocket!


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