Soft Skill Development Workshops

We work with organisations to provide a range of soft skills development programs.  There are a number of reasons organisations choose to provide soft skill development programs, but the main reason is to build employee loyalty  engagement, enhance productivity and enhance career prospects.

Why develop your employees soft skill and competencies?

Any manager who has had an under-performer with great technical skills, has worked out that whilst technical skills are important, what actually makes a high performer is their soft skill competence.  For instance you may have strong Business Analysis Skills, however a BA can only be successful when they have strong relationship building, communication, conflict resolution and influencing skills.

We have developed powerful soft skills training that create great results.  Our programs are designed around adult learning principles, with solid theory, pragmatic and practical application, deep insight and development of emotional intelligence, whilst being highly participative and fun!

Some of the programs and workshops we offer include and can tailor to your specific business needs are:

  • Customer Engagement Skills (including complaints & difficult situations)
  • Powerful Influencing Skills
  • Powerful Communication Skills
  • Proactive Conflict Management Skills
  • Stress Prevention Workshops
  • Stress Management Workshops
  • Resilience Workshops (including flexing with change)
  • Leadership Programs
  • Management Programs
  • Outplacement Programs
  • Wellness Education Programs
  • Self Leadership

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