Employee Engagement

Do you have high levels of employee engagement and a strong, positive culture in your business?

We are HR Experts in Employee Engagement (EE) & Culture Development & Change.

There is a great deal of hype in the EE space.  In the last couple of years, everything from random happiness tools to employee reward programs have jumped on the bandwagon and branded themselves as Employee Engagement.

This means that many people have a misunderstanding of what EE actually is.  A true Employee Engagement Program, shows a direct correlation of these elements and high performance levels, superior business results and, ultimately, a business’ bottom line so it’s imperative to get them right.

EE is more powerful and insightful than simply using employee satisfaction or opinion surveys. A proper EE Survey is predictive, a business tool to inform the Executive of the changes required.

A reliable Engagement Survey identifies the actual level of Employee Engagement levels in your business and:

  • Measures job satisfaction components
  • Measures the level of positive emotional and rational connection of employees to their work, team and organisation
  • Identifies key drivers of engagement for your business
  • Provides you with benchmarks, and
  • Enables constructive strategic and tactical initiatives.

Strong employee engagement levels are also recognised as a good indicator of investment by equity investors so, if you are open to offers, it’s important to maximise your investment in your people resources.

Whilst employee engagement is a critical component of business success, so is culture. We’re talking about climate e.g. working environment, but more importantly, developing the behaviours, actions, decisions and competencies that differentiate a business and drive business results and success.

The HR Experts International has decades of experience in deploying a pragmatic culture and engagement analysis approach with high success. Typically, you could expect an organisational survey, focus groups to help you determine the way forward, and key strategic initiatives to realise improved business performance.

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