Outplacement Programs

Are you restructuring, making redundancy or exiting employees?

Looking for a high quality, effective, yet compassion outplacement program?

We understand that restructuring & redundancies is stressful for everyone.  That’s why we offer high quality Outplacement Programs that are tailored to your business and employees with an emphasis on compassion and solution focused coaching.

Whether it’s a redundancy, a restructure, a merger or acquisition situation, or an agreed exit, how you manage it will send a very strong message to the team.  Getting it wrong, often results in your best performers exiting, leaving the business with major skills and knowledge gaps.

Managing the exit process effectively is critical to the reputation of your business as well as the perception by your people, customers and other key stakeholders. We protect your brand and employer reputation by ensuring you manage this process effectively and employees experience an amazing outplacement service that sets them up to find an alternative opportunity quickly.

Our Outplacement program can incorporate:

  • Designing and managing the restructuring, selection & exit process with you
  • Facilitating workshops to help the displaced employees increase his/her job or career prospects
  • Coaching managers to deal with the change process effectively, and
  • Coaching the displaced persons to minimise disruption and risk to the business.

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