Team Building

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

We help teams grow effectively, transform, integrate, increase cohesion, performance and productivity, and increased engagement both customer and employee.

our team building approach

Ensuring highly engaged teams is critical to a business’ success.  So often teams fall into dysfunction.  This can happen for a whole host of reasons. Still, if not addressed, it can negatively impact not only the team but the whole organisation.

Research consistently shows that high-performing teams have:

  • a shared vision
  • shared success
  • effective team behaviours,
  • strong rapport and empathy between team members
  • deep understanding of other behavioural styles and how to adapt to these
  • developing diverse skills, such as effective feedback and conflict resolution
  • strong communication skills
  • the ability to gain and deploy resources effectively.

The Team Building Programs offered by The HR Experts International, have been developed to deliver all of these success factors. 

It is understandable that with all the ingredients required for strong teams that they sometimes don’t function as well as they could.  Teams don’t often gel automatically and naturally!  However, if you want a successful business, then EVERY team in your business needs to be aligned, cohesive and able to self-manage priorities and conflict

our team building programs

To achieve success, we focus on identifying individual and team styles and strengths, how to manage conflict, successful team working skills, team rapport and engagement.   Whilst we believe having fun in outdoor type activities are great, the effect often only lasts a week or two at best.

Our mission is to ensure teams are sustainably highly effective, with high levels of synergy and performance. Our team workshops are designed to have a whole lot of fun, but also to build valuable team skills.  The understanding gained from our team workshops will have lasting effects for the team, and positive flows throughout your business. 

 Here are some examples of our Team Building Programs:

  • Start-up Teams – building shared vision, purpose, values, and culture
  • Project Teams – Building a cohesive and engaged team for a particular project
  • Supporting Teams in Change – Building cohesion of a team to address significant challenges or opportunities
  • Team Development – Motivating a current team that is working well to fulfil their full potential
  • Working Through conflict – facilitating improvement where difficulties or conflict has arisen.