Building team cohesion in times of change

Is your business going through change?

Need your teams to behave or work in different ways?

We can designed programs specifically to support business or team change.

We customised our programs to your needs and desired outcomes. We work with you to determine key outcomes.

Some of the programs we’ve facilitated include;

  • Bringing new executive teams together after merger or restructures
  • Bringing business teams together after restructure, merger or restructure
  • Bringing teams together going through major change programs
  • Facilitating teams to build their key strategies, goals and outcomes
  • Facilitating teams in conflict to come into cohesion
  • Training teams in new behaviours to match business needs (e.g. new systems, service excellence, introducing a sales focus)

We can include a number of elements depending on needs;

  • Visioning & strategy workshops
  • Using DISC profiles to enhance team empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Using Belbin Team Role Profiles to help understand the key strengths and limitations of the team
  • Using GROW to facilitate team processes
  • Designing fun team cohesion events
  • Facilitating open and constructive conflict resolution sessions, and
  • Action planning to establish clarity, optimise performance and enable solid action planning

Is your team in a state of flux? Do you have a new team or business you want to ensure is designed from the start as you mean to go on?

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