Team Dysfunction – Solving team problems & difficulties

Need to resolve team dysfunction issues quickly & effectively?

Experiencing poor engagement & productivity, bickering & complaints?

We can help! We’ve worked successfully with many teams in crisis, especially team dysfunction.

Often, team dysfunction is combined with a team leadership issue or a unaddressed performance issue.  Where this was the case we designed a number of solutions.  Depending on the situation we may start by completing a 360 leadership survey for the team leader as well as a team engagement survey to identify key areas of focus for both the leader and the team.

We determine the level of team dysfunction and design the right solution, depending on the problems of the team and the outcomes required.  Some of the types of issues we deal with are;

  • Misalignment – creating shared meaning and team goals, including tea mission/charter
  • Identify productivity and performance issues of the team
  • Developing team understanding and team communication skills (including emotional intelligence)
  • Develop team clarity, including role clarity where necessary
  • Facilitate identifying issues around team motivation and engagement levels
  • Teaching the team constructive communication and problem solving processes
  • Developing greater team awareness & appreciation through understanding each person’s strengths and value
  • Analyse team dysfunction and create action plans
  • Identify and analyse stronger team behaviours
  • Developing higher levels of trust and commitment
  • Reduce conflict and establishes methodologies for managing future conflict
  • Reduce tension and inappropriate behaviours

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If you are pulling your hair out and looking for a pragmatic approach to improving your team’s cohesion and performance, then give us a call to discuss your needs confidentially. Get in touch.  We’ll help you get your team back on track.

team Dysfunction