The combination of my having been really busy lately, and the fact that several of our coaching clients have wanted coaching on time management, has left me pondering the concept. For me, it really comes down to being time effective and time efficient.

So what do I mean by this?


Time effectiveness is all about working on things of high importance that move you towards your outcomes and goals. Time efficiency, on the other hand, is about how well you manage those tasks i.e. completing them in the most productive or economical way.

What you need to recognise, is that time effectiveness really comes down to your belief systems, how you think and how you perceive the world. Our minds are very strong-willed, and the patterns we create can be difficult to shift. It takes a great deal of awareness to spot the subconscious or unconscious cleverness of our strategies, and to make the appropriate adaptations.

Want to find out just how time effective and efficient you are? Test yourself! 

Over the next 10 working days, observe yourself at work and ask yourself the following questions regularly throughout the day (and record as much data as possible).

The more you observe and record, the more insights you will gain making this a very useful exercise in terms of changing your behaviour, if it, indeed, needs changing.

So, how did you go?  Tune in next week for more tips.