Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)

Are you on top of Workplace Health & Safety legislation and regulations?

Staying on top of your WHS obligations is critical!

Did you know non-compliance fines (even if you only have 1 worker) range between $10,000 – $600,000 as well as potential jail time?

Did you know even if you are only employing sub-contractors, independent contractors, temps or other types of workers, you are still liable under these laws?

When new, national legislation was introduced at the beginning of 2012, we conducted audits with several organisations that previously received gold star status on their OHS compliance and they failed. Worried you wouldn’t pass either?

We can help.

We can audit your business across 10 areas of compliance to understand exactly where you are falling down so that you can address them before they become a problem.

Areas like:

  • Are all your managers aware which incidents they need to report within 24 hours, and to whom, or face a minimum $10,000 penalty?
  • Does your business have a fully documented workplace safety management system in place, and has it been communicated to everyone in the business?
  • Do you conduct annual WHS reviews?
  • Do you train and inform your staff (even if you are in a low risk environment like an office)?

And this applies for businesses of all sizes, whether you have employees or not. If you have contractors, temps, partners or directors in the office, you are likely to be subject to these laws.

Our WHS Service

Is your business a low-moderate risk workplace (e.g. offices or retail)?

We cater specifically to low-moderate risk workplaces and especially start-ups and SME’s. We offer a number of affordable services designed to get your business compliant.

WHS auditing tool (DIY)

Our auditing tool provides a standard low risk business the means to carry out a comprehensive audit to meet their due diligence and identify where the gaps are in their current WHS system. The auditor can find further details on compliance by referring to a basic reference guide. We recommend for this tool to be used by trained managers only.  This tool will assist you in developing a clear WHS management system required by most large businesses and government agencies.

WHS auditing and training expert

We will provide an HR expert onsite to facilitate a day of standardised WHS training for your business (including management & staff training). We’ll assist in the audit your business (one site only), and provide a full report for the board (including gaps in your WHS system and recommendations for meeting your ‘Reasonably Practicable’ obligation). Additional sites audits are available at extra cost.

Executive and management briefing

This is a three-hour overview of the legislation and compliance issues for leaders in a standard business.

Manager due diligence training

This is a half-day workshops designed to ensure the leaders in your business understand the law as well as how to manage due diligence effectively (including auditing and risk management assessment)

Staff training

We have developed a standard WHS training module that is delivered live by our HR experts and includes a knowledge quiz to enable your business to meet its due diligence obligations for providing effective training. This training is delivered using webinar and online survey tools enabling staff from all over Australia to attend (1.5 hours plus the quiz)

Ready to get 100% compliant and give yourself peace of mind? Get in touch.

or check out our free resources page for important WHS links.